The Wratchford’s

Hello! Thank you for visiting! I’ve always found writing therapeutic and now that I’ve had my 3rd child, I need all the therapy I can get! I kid – in all reality I was looking for a community of working women (or men – but not promises I won’t talk girls-only topics) with a full house and heart to manage. There wasn’t much out there. This blog is for all working (in and out of the home) parents navigating this complex time to be a parent but those with 3 or more have a special place in my heart.

About Me

By day I’m a Marketing Director and by night a wife, mom to 3 amazing kids, homemaker and an array of other titles (dog walker, dust bunny chaser, chef, you get the gist) and now a blogger. Writing is my therapy –  not only does it help me find my center and sort out my thoughts – but I’m hoping to build a community of like-minded women and men who are just trying to figure out this crazy life we’ve built. Join for the ride and subscribe, or not. I won’t be offended!


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